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Gleb Orlov

I was born in 1969 in Yalta.

I was born there because my mother, who lived in Kaliningrad, decided to go to deliver in Yalta, where her parent lived.

Later I was brought to Kaliningrad to live there till 1996. It was there that I graduated from the Baltic State Academy (former Kaliningrad High Naval Engineering School) to start working on television and mastering the profession I was dreaming of all my conscious life. When I was in the 8th form I used to imagine myself as a director on the set.

There were a lot of institutes in Kaliningrad, but this was the only one providing an opportunity to see the world, which was not at all easy in the Soviet times. I was a fanciful dissident striving for freedom, so it was just for me: I really enjoyed sailing different seas, calling at foreign ports, buying records, jeans and chewing gums, communicating with foreign people.

In 1996 I moved to Moscow. Since then freedom was no longer associated with foreign sea ports only.

I was screwing around for a while say, shooting promos for politicians in the 96th election campaign.

The elections were over, soon there was no money left. I took up any job (like making NTV programs on accounting) until got a job as the MTV Promotion Department Head in 1998. That was a really good and interesting job, as I was making the image and presenting the channel.

I started shooting commercials in 2000.

Some time later the situation changed to a horrible one: the channel turned into a stupid corporate machine. A bunch of ugly creatures came to replace talented, charming and active people, who used to work there from the beginning. I quit MTV as the creative director. It was 2004, and by that time I had been shooting video clips and was a more or less popular ads director.

In 2005 we set up the "Okey-Dokey" Production.

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